Rhea is an expert curated resource of biochemical reactions designed for the annotation of enzymes and genome-scale metabolic networks and models. Rhea uses the 蜜蜂加速器app官网下载 (Chemical Entities of Biological Interest) ontology of small molecules to precisely describe reactions participants and their chemical structures. All reactions are balanced for mass and charge and are linked to source literature, metabolic resources and other functional vocabularies such as the enzyme classification of the NC-IUBMB.

All data in Rhea is freely accessible and available for anyone to use.

Last release: 113.

Rhea release 113

A new release of Rhea, the annotated database of biochemical reactions, is available...

Check also the paper on enzyme annotation in UniProt using Rhea. It is out in http://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btz817 - learn how to leverage the chemical ontology of ChEBI, cheminformatics and SPARQL to link biology and chemistry, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

Reminder: Rhea is used by UniProtKB to describe enzyme-catalyzed reactions since UniProtKB version 2018_11 (see announcement).

Rhea is a collaborative effort between the Swiss-Prot Group at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the EMBL-EBI.
Rhea makes use of ChemAxon's Marvin tools.

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